Hey, everybody, we have very exciting news to share with all of you about the Academy and our plans moving forward.

Short explanation:

More Courses, more quality content, more opportunities to join the Academy!

Do you want more details? Keep reading.

More Courses:

Our online courses have covered some of the most important aspects of competitive Magic like Magic Strategy, and, Sideboarding but, we still have more room to cover. We already recorded a Deck Building Course with one of the best Deck builders of all time, Gabriel Nassif.

Magic Strategic Courses:

  • Magic Strategy with PVDDR. (Available).
  • Limited with Ben Stark. (Available).
  • Sideboarding with Seth Manfield. (Available).
  • Deck Building with Gabriel Nassif. (Recorded).

The Format Specific series is another topic we want to keep developing, the Modern course with Reid Duke is one of our best sellers and the Limited course with Ben Stark is doing great. We also have received some inquiries about creating a Pauper and Legacy format course; so, if you want to see a course about your favorite format, please let us know in the comments.

Courses by Format:

  • Modern with Reid Duke. (Available).
  • Limited with Ben Stark. (Available).
  • Pauper. (TBA).
  • Legacy. (TBA).

We are working on a new series of courses about archetypes, where you will be able to learn everything from your favorite archetype by some of the best players of each of them.

Courses by Archetype:

  • Control with Corey Burkhart. (Recorded).
  • Combo with Matt Nass. (Recorded).
  • Aggro. (TBA).
  • Midrange. (TBD).

If you want to see a course not listed here, leave a comment about the course and teacher you would like to see in the Academy and we will do our best to get it done.

More Quality content:

Keeping our courses updated. Even though we try to make our courses as evergreen as possible, Magic is a game with constant changes, from rules to bannings and even cards that create new ways to approach the game. That’s why we plan to relaunch PVDDR’s course with a new module about London Mulligan. We also plan to relaunch Reid Duke’s Modern course.

What happens if you already purchased the current version of those courses? Good news, your course will get automatically updated. You will then have access to the new version of the course as it will replace the previous version.

  • Magic Strategy Relaunch with PVDDR (October 2019).
  • Modern Relaunch with Reid Duke (TBA).

More opportunities to join the Academy:

Spikes Academy started as an exclusive resource for the most competitive Magic players who wanted to “go pro”. Within the time, we learned that there are a lot more reasons to join the Academy than we initially thought. Our students come from all around the world with different motivations and we want to be able to include everybody who wants to get better at the best game in the world. That’s why we are making a big change effectively immediately to our regular price from $100.00 to $60.00. If you see a higher price when you try to purchase your course, it will be due to taxes from your country. This is the case for most countries in Europe where the VAT is applied to online transactions.

The Coaching program:

Coaching is another growing program at Spikes Academy. More coaches will be joining the platform in the near future. Our plan is to have coaches in different time zones ready to coaches in different languages to help players around the world. If you are a professional player who wants to join our coaching program, please let us know at [email protected]

The affiliates program:

There is also a good amount of content creators who have reached us to collaborate and promote the Academy on their platforms. For all of you who want to tag team with the Academy, we created an affiliate program. You will be able to promote the Academy and earn money whenever a person purchases a course from your platform. We are starting this program with some content creators and are trying to find the best way to improve it. You can ask for more info about the program at [email protected]

That’s it for today’s announcement. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment or send us an email to [email protected] Thank you so much for supporting Spikes Academy and good luck in your games!

-Spikes Academy Team.