Interactive Articles

Our articles aren't just endless blocks of text. Interactive articles are living documents that grow and evolve as the game does. They offer new ways to interact with the written content from the best Magic players in the world. Our Interactive Articles offer the following.

  1. More Structure: Our articles are more structured and easier to navigate. They are broken down into sections and lectures, allowing for a more focused reading experience. Only want to read about the principles of deck building? With Spikes Interactive Articles, you can eliminate the clutter and only see what you care about. No more scrolling or searching to find the part that is relevant to you. 
  2. Focused Comments: Not sure about something you just read? Leave a comment in that specific section of the article, and either Spikes or the Author will get back to you! With Interactive Articles, you can have a more engaging experience with the author and the community as a whole. No more scrolling through an endless list of comments! Now you can focus on the comments and content that matter directly to you as an MtG player. 
  3. Built in Quizzes: Spikes Academy has always been about education. We believe in bringing together the collective experience from professional players and providing it to you. To further that effort, Spikes Interactive Articles will soon feature Optional Quizzes that help you learn and retain the content of the article. Don’t like the quiz? Feel free to skip it! 
  4. Live Updates, Videos, Document Attachments, and More! Interactive Articles aren't just long blocks of text, they deliver the content you want in the format you like. Interactive Articles can feature ‘living content’ with live updates, downloadable PDF’s that dive right into the core of the topic or provide extended content, and even videos that provide increased levels of explanation for complex game scenarios. Keep on the lookout! There might even be some hidden coupons and deals inside each article…

Future Capabilities

  1. Quizzes with Built in Rewards: Depending on how well you do at the quizzes, you may be gives exclusive access to other Spikes Academy Content! Who knows, there might be some good deals hidden within the depts of the article...
  2. A Truly International Learning Experience: We believe that everyone should have access to a quality education, no matter where you are from or what language you speak. We are working to include human written (NOT google Translate) translations to our articles! In the future, anyone will be able to buy a Spikes Academy interactive Article, and read it in the language of your choosing! 
  3. Article Recordings for the Gamer on the Go, and the Visually Impaired: In the future, articles can come with will recordings, so everyone can participate in the Spikes Learning Experience. 

Why are major updates behind a pay wall?

All of our Interactive Article Authors receive commission for all subscriptions to their work. This commission is what helps keep these articles up to date as the game evolves and changes.