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Francesco “Neo” Amati. The UW Modern Specialist.

Francesco is a devoted expert of the Modern UW midrange/control archetype. His passion for the Azorius deck is unique as he is one of the creators of the biggest Modern UW midrange/control online community in the world. He has helped a great number of players with the archetype and now he can be your Coach.

Francesco is always searching for ways to improve and adapt UW midrange/control to the Modern Metagame. So, if you like playing Cryptic Commands and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Francesco is the Coach you are looking for.

By booking a session with our Modern UW Control specialist, @Spikes_Neo, you also gain access to:

  • 10% off follow-up session
  • 2 Free Personalized Deck Updates
  • 2 Free Personalized Sideboard Guides (each upon request)

Our Coaching program is divided into two plans:

  1. Single Session: 1-hour session via Discord. The session is one on one.
  2. Multiple Sessions: 4-hour session via Discord, divided as you choose in a 30-day timeframe. Multiple sessions plan allows you to join the sessions with a friend. (We recommend a 1-hour session each week, to be able to follow your progress).


Your Coach:

Francesco Amati a.k.a SPIKES_Neo is a Modern UW Control/Midrange Guru from New Jersey. He had devoted himself to the archetype for many years. His passion for the deck inspired him to create the largest UW Control/Midrange online community in the world, where he helps players to adapt and fight every change in the format.

He had written some of the best primers of the deck and coached a lot of players; from Modern enthusiasts to Professional players that look for his advice when they plan to join the Azorius Senate.

"Francesco is tireless when it comes to working on and developing UW Control to find the best versions, lists, and plans to take on the ever-changing Modern landscape."

-Brian Braun-Duin

"In addition to being a great Magic writer, Francesco is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated members of the Magic community that I know. As the metagame has evolved, he's found countless tweaks and additions to help UW decks survive and thrive, from before the unbanning of Jace through the Phoenix era. He's always happy to bounce ideas back and forth to figure out the best way to approach new problems.”

- Ben Hill (BennyHillz)

"When it comes to building up players of any level, the only person I can recommend is Francesco Amati. A pillar in the UW/x community. Francesco is able to see metagames adapt ahead of time, and has been innovating non-stop, along with the community he has worked hard to build up around him. He would rather see others succeed with his help than be "right" and this shows with how he is able to handle criticism, or apply critical thinking with just the right amount of off-the-wall spice that can truly make or break a deck/format.

Thanks for the Narset technology, GP Brisbane 21st place, baby!

-Dylan Brown

Accomplishments: GP Auckland 2012 top 4 GP Melbourne 2012 top 32 GP Brisbane 2014 65th GP new jersey 2014 (214th/5000) GP Brisbane 2017 21st”


Book a Single Session with Francesco if:

  • You have an important tournament and you want advice for your deck and preparation.
  • You want to ask specific questions about a specific aspect of your game
  • You want to test our coaching program before booking more hours.

What can you expect from a Single Coaching Session?

  • You will be able to select the day and hour you want to book based on the availability of your Coach.
  • You will fill a form with the areas of your game you want to improve before the session.
  • Francesco will have a one hour call with you, in which he will help you improve your game, identifying flaws in your game or decklist, and provide you tips and tricks to keep improving your testing.

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Book Multiple Sessions with Francesco if:

  • You want the personal guidance and follow up of one of the best players in the world.
  • You want to improve your game in a deep way, not only a specific topic.
  • You want to share sessions with a friend so both of you can get the benefits of the Coaching Sessions. (Sessions with a friend is only possible in the Multiple Sessions plan).

What can you expect from Multiple Coaching Sessions?

  • You can join the Sessions with a friend to improve together.
  • Francesco will follow up your progress and improvement every week and develop a plan to work with you in the long term.
  • Record your games and get feedback.
  • Discuss tournament results and testing for the next ones.

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“When I think of Francesco, I think of a Blue White Control/Midrange aficionado. Why? Because Francesco gives countless hours of his time to provide in-depth analysis of his deckbuilding for the vast modern format.”

-Jonathan Hobbs

“Francesco is the most devoted Magic player I’ve ever met. Not a day goes by without multiple excited messages from him, tweaking some little thing about a deck or the Modern metagame; he’s always doing everything possible to play the best game of Magic he can.

Francesco’s also been hugely helpful to me personally in my play, often recommending cards that I really need to be playing like Runed Halo, which has now been seen all over the format to combat Phoenix and more.”

-Kasriel Kuropatwa

Frequently Asked Questions

In what platform will we the coaching session be?
The coaching will be done via Discord.
Do my hours expire?
Yes, they do! You have to use them on the first 30 days after you buy them.
When will the coaching session be?
You are free to pick any hour from the available hours the professor has. Check out the calendar to see availability.

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Francesco's Coaching Sessions

Improve your game with Francesco as your personal coach.

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