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Welcome to Spikes Academy, the first MTG e-learning Academy in the world. Here you will find exclusive Magic: The Gathering® courses from the best players in the history of the game such as Reid Duke and Hall of Famer: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. Join us today and get the professional formation you need to become one of the next top players in Magic!

Choose the topic you want to improve, whether is the Magic Theory you need to succeed competitive Magic, or to become an expert in a format like Modern. We launch a new course every two months, created by the best players in the world!

Improving at Magic takes time, but after taking our courses you will see results in your own game, with a complete understanding of the concepts and the insights of our teachers, you will become a better MTG player.

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"I've been watching @Spikes_Academy & really like the videos. I've learned a lot. My favorite so far has been "Who's the beatdown?". One of my favorite parts is the quiz - I got 9/10 on the first one! I can't wait to watch the other sections."

- Dana Fischer

"Valuable insight from one of the best minds in Magic. The lessons presented here can be applied to your matches now and for years to come, whether it's at the Pro Tour or your local FNM."

- Kyle Nisswandt