Limited with Ben Stark

A comprehensive course about Limited, learn how evaluate and build good Sealed and, Draft decks, team sealed, card evaluations and more.

This is your opportunity to learn Limited with the Best Limited Player in the world, Ben Stark.
Hall of Famer, Pro Tour Champion, MPL Star, you name it, BenS is one of the greatest in the History of the game and, he created this course to help people to master his favorite format.

The Limited Way by Ben Stark has its complete guide through the most complex form of Magic, Limited. Learn everything from Sealed, Draft, Team Sealed, how to analyze new formats, navigate Drafts and, more.

If you want to improve in Limited, there is no better way to do it.

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Course Curriculum


Meet your instructor:

Ben Stark.

Ben Stark is an American Hall of Famer and, Pro Tour Champion
consider as the best Limited player in the world.
His passion and, understanding of Limited is praised among other pros.
He debuted in the Pro Tour in 1999, since then
he had achieved 5 Pro Tour Top8s (one win), 23 GPs Top8 (two wins).

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