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Ever since Modern Horizons 2 was released, we’ve seen a huge uptick in control decks’ playability. Two biggest reasons are Prismatic Ending and Solitude. Now, the question is what shell to play them in. While the obvious choice is UW, and UW is indeed very good, there is another route to take - go all in on the value sorcery plan. Here I present to you 4c Omnath. 

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The deck focuses on playing as much value as possible and plays 0 bad cards. Every single card is super solid, powerful which makes the deck so consistently strong. It plays a full suite of 13 planeswalkers - Wrenn and Six; Teferi, Time Raveler; Jace, the Mind Sculptor; Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Clearly, the deck does not intend to engage in instant speed games. It’s further accentuated by 3 copies of Omnath, Locus of Creation. It provides maindeck lifegain but also a single fetchland allows us to create 4 mana and immediately play one of the aforementioned walkers. It gives us the much needed velocity to multispell.

On the topic of multispelling, Solitude and Force of Negation play a vital role. As most of the deck is expensive sorcery-speed spells, we still need to somehow multi-spell early. Otherwise, we’d get stomped by the Modern format. Solitude helps us interact with the board and especially persistent threats such as Murktide Regent. Force helps us not die against combo decks such as Living End or Goblin Charbelcher.

The deck plays Kaheera as it’s essentially free, there are sometimes builds with Yorion. But when you see no companion, you can be sure that you’re not facing this shell.

The obvious question is - how to beat such a value-dense AND interaction-rich deck? We can abuse the fact that their mana is super awkward. Blood Moon comes to mind and if caught off guard, it can be an immediate KO. In addition, the deck is very strong against creatures but less so against non-creature strategies - combos or big mana. Primeval Titan and Karn Liberated are your friends. Also playing good old burn or prowess should do the trick.

Check out the deck in Action! Here, Filip shows how this deck can be a powerhouse against creatures, and can help you maintain control of the game.