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NEW: Overview of Modern

By: Reid Duke


What is Spikes Academy?

Spikes Academy is the number one place to get top quality Magic: the Gathering content! We have courses taught by some of the best players in the world, including Reid Duke, PVDDR, and more! We also have professionally written articles that cover everything you need to know about MtG, from how the metagame works, to how certain decks are currently performing. Spikes is now offering deck reviews! Want to hear what the best players think of your deck? Now you can!

Is Spikes Academy for me?

Our content is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their Competitive Magic: the Gathering game. Whether you are trying beat your friends in a friendly competitive game, working to reach Mythic each season on MTG Arena,or trying to qualify for the next Mythic Championship. Our courses, articles, and coaching will help you to improve and bring your game to the next level.

What can I expect from a Spike’s Academy course?

Our courses will provide you the point of view of the best players in the world. Teachers create their courses based on their own experiences, tournaments stories, and testing process. For example, a course with Reid Duke About Modern is about his personal approach of the format, how he understands the Modern format and how he prepared himself for a Modern tournament. You can expect these personal approaches for all of our courses.

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