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This guide thoroughly covers the Control type in the Modern format. Here you’ll find live core concepts of control decks, common strategies and tactics employed by control players, typical deck construction of control decks, and how to build your deck to counter control decks.

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  What is control and what makes it tricky to play against?
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  How to Beat the Mirror?
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About the Author:

Filip Skórnicki

More commonly known in the community as Skura or IslandsInFront. On his Twitter and YouTube, Skura produces control and game-theory content. He’s a passionate pass-the-turner. He’s been a content creator for quite some time, mainly creating written content but also producing podcasts, videos, streams. Due to his extensive background in teaching, he’s also a great Magic Coach, especially when it comes to casting counterspells.

Outside of Magic, Filip plays chess (1.d4 and Sicilian player), loves cycling and jogging, and manages IT projects.

Skura (@IslandsInFront) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Skura (@IslandsInFront). Blue permission-based control player. Specialising in passing the turn. Coaching control and magic game theory Insight Writer for CardMarket

IslandsInFront | Youtube

Welcome to the Control Sanitarium. Here you will be able to watch competitive control content across different formats :)

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Customer Reviews

"I found the entire course very helpful, Key Concepts was probably most helpful because it did a great job really explaining the Control archetype and provided a great framework to prepare for control match-ups.

I liked the way the information was presented. It was detailed yet not overwhelming. The length of each section was perfect. It was one of the best articles I have ever read on MTG game play theory and practice."