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Why join Spikes Academy?

Spikes Academy is the first MTG e-learning school in the world, our courses are created by the best players in the world and they are designed to improve your game.

Are Spike's Academy courses for me?

Our courses are aimed at competitive players who want to improve their game. Whether you are trying to reach Mythic each season on Magic: Arena, trying to qualify for the next Mythic Championship, or even if you are qualified for the Mythic Championship and you want to do well at tournaments, our courses will help you to improve your game.

How does e-learning education work for MTG?

E-learning education is the best way to get in-depth formation about any MTG Topic, with our video lessons, teachers are able to cover all the concepts, strategy, tips, and tricks you need in order to master competitive Magic.

What can I expect from a Spike’s Academy course?

Our courses will provide you the point of view of the best players in the world. Teachers create their courses based on their own experiences, tournaments stories, and testing process. For example, a course with Reid Duke About Modern is about his personal approach of the format, how he understands the Modern format and how he prepared himself for a Modern tournament. You can expect these personal approaches for all of our courses.

"I purchased both courses and it's the little things that helped most. I've gone from a casual player to someone who consistently place's high in larger tournaments. The simplicity of returning to the a course before an event and having a refresher helps immensely even when prep time is short. I'd recommend these courses to an individual that wants to take down their FNM with a homebrew or the person looking to take on the competitive circuit."

- Phil Blythe.

"Spikes academy has definitely given me heuristics to help improve my play. Before it was very dependent on how good a limited deck I made but now I am better at playing with what I have and not dependent on luck as much. Win rates have improved for sure."

- Will Henson.

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The Art of Sideboarding

with Seth Manfield.