A Message From the Author

My name is Francesco Neo Amati. I’m the Community Manager, Lead Editor, and Modern Azorius Coach at Spikes Academy, as well as the founder and Community Manager of the largest Azorius (and archetype-based) community on Facebook and beyond, which has reached more than 7.5k members since I launched it in 2016. I’ve created dozens of guides/primers and have written several articles covering topics such as Design Principles to Game Theory (most notably ‘Cracking the Modern Code’), and ways to adapt to different metagames and beat trending cards/decks with Azorius archetypes in Modern.

For those looking to improve or adapt as players or designers with UWx in Modern, I offer coaching sessions for Azorius Archetypes, Deck Building Principles, Advanced Skill Development, Game Theory, and Metagaming, which can be booked here at Spikes Academy.

This compendium thoroughly covers the Azorius Control archetype in the Modern format. Here you’ll find live updates of the latest top performing lists, design philosophy for each Azorius archetype, different ways to approach and play each version, and the best card options available for building and updating them to remain relevant and competitive in the ever-shifting Modern metagame.

Whether you’re interested in learning and improving as a deck builder or player, or you’re a knowledgeable and experienced player who just wants to keep up with the latest info and developments for Azorius in Modern, I hope you find this deep dive insightful, helpful, and essential.

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