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What is this Interactive Article?

This compendium thoroughly covers the Azorius Control archetype in the Modern format. Here you’ll find live updates of the latest top performing lists, design philosophy for each Azorius archetype, different ways to approach and play each version, and the best card options available for building and updating them to remain relevant and competitive in the ever-shifting Modern metagame.

What do I get for purchasing this product?

This is a living document, and will be updated and changed as MtG changes. By purchasing this Interactive Article, you get full life time access to this article, and any updates made to it. We will add content, documents, and maybe even some coupons for our other products, as time goes on!

About the Author

Francesco is a Modern Azorius Control/Midrange Guru from New Jersey who has devoted himself to the archetype since 2011, dating back to Caw Blade in Standard. His passion for Azorius is unique as he is the founder and Community Manager of the largest Azorius (and archetype-based) community on Facebook and in the world. Since 2016, he’s utilized this platform to keep Azorius players informed with the latest updates and meta developments.

He has also created dozens of insightful guides, and wrote several articles, such as Cracking the Modern Code, displaying his keen understanding of fundamental skills and design principles, strategy, tactics, and technical play, metagaming, and how to design and play Azorius in Modern.

Francesco Amati