Eldrazi and Death’s Shadow Changed Azorius Control in Modern

For a considerable amount of time in 2018, BennyHillz UW Control was the best Control deck in the format, which also made the archetype more relevant and successful than it ever was in Modern. In fact, Alex Majlaton placed 9th (9-1) with it at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan:

Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan - Alex Majlaton (9-1) 9th Place

This version played more to the board and generated more action by turns 3 and 4, which applied pressure and forced opponents to have an answer to our threats. This allowed us to be in the driver's seat, or more proactive, rather than remain mostly passive and reactive. This style was notably prevalent during Eldrazi Winter and rise of Grixis Death’s Shadow era, which influenced the future of the Modern landscape and forced UW Control to adapt. This paradigm shift would only continue to be reinforced by the rise of Humans, Phoenix, and Hogaak Dredge.

This version with Spreading Seas, more creatures, and Walkers (Gideon package) from 2018 is an example of how Azorius Control can be designed to be more proactive, which mitigates some of the ‘air’ commonly associated with the archetype’s draw-go variant (i.e. Miracles), while striking a balance by retaining its reactive, spell-denial elements.

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