How Miracles Work in Different Formats

The deck originated in Standard. This is what the Pro Tour winning decklist looked like. It utilised Miracles heavily and centered its whole gameplan around them. It drove Alexander Hayne to a Pro Tour trophy. Hallelujah!

Miracles longevity, however, has mostly been seen in Legacy. The deck has existed in the format ever since the mechanic was introduced and due to Legacy’s plethora of library manipulation tools it found great success. The deck’s power was accentuated by a duo of Counterbalance and Sensei’s Divining Top.

Top allowed to both manipulate the top of the library and have instant card draw – a literal perfect Miracle enabler. It even led to Top’s ban. Miracles are still played in the format thanks to Brainstorm but are not as dominant as they used to.

The most popular competitive format – Modern – has had a love-hate relationship with Miracles. There have been countless attempts to make a UWx control deck work with Terminus but Modern’s library manipulation leaves a lot to be desired. First, it was played alongside Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Search for Azcanta. Later, it came back with Mystic Sanctuary because you could put it on top. Now, it’s reinvigorated thanks to Brainstone. Nobody knows if these cards are enough, but people are trying. The reward is certainly there – one mana wrath effect in a creature-centric format is a huge payoff.