Are Miracles Worth it?

All in all, is it worth playing Miracles? It’s not a strictly better version of any other UWx control deck – at least not in the vacuum. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.


  1. It allows you to play powerful effects very cheaply
  2. Great against creature-heavy metagames. You can maindeck 4 wrath effects which can also be cast for just one mana.
  3. Usually full of library manipulation so you can sculpt your draws.


  1. A lot of inherent variance. If you open your hand with a Miracle, it’s effectively a mulligan already unless you have a proper ‘put back on top’ type of spell.
  2. Terminus being the strongest of the bunch is not going to be playable in a format where creatures don’t reign supreme. If the top decks are ramp, combo, control – Miracles are bad.
  3. You need to play a lot of library manipulation and instant speed card draw – it can lead to situations when you spend too much time setting up, durdling.
  4. You warp your gameplan sometimes too much around drawing the Miracle and if you fail to do so – you lose.

There is no universal formula to decide if a given Miracle deck is good. You have to look at library manipulation tools at your disposal, the speed of the format, how many creatures are played and whether the games revolve around them.

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