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Are you fond of interactive strategies? Maybe you’ve had some affairs with Eternal Witness? Do you feel like you ought to play a companion? Kanister and his top8 deck come to rescue.

This is an 80-card Yorion midrange deck which heavily relies on Omnath, Locus of Creation, Eternal Witness, Incarnations – Fury and Solitude, and Ephemerate to reuse all of their effects.

The deck plays 18 creatures, all with enter-the-battlefield effects. This makes our Ephemerates very very strong and full of utility. With Ice-Fang it draws a card, it resets Omnath, and loops with Witness. Loops? Yes! You cast Ephemerate on Witness and pick up something you want. Then your Rebounded Ephemerate targets Witness again and picks up itself. This way you still have the Witness, the Ephemerate and one spell extra.

All of this is accompanied by 4 Wrenn and Six and 4 Teferi, Time Raveler. This package allows the deck to attack from different angles other than creatures. In addition, Teferi is a great maindeck answer to Cascade stuff and Wrenn is a good answer to small artifact creatures and mana dorks such as Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise.

It’s not all creatures and planeswalkers. The deck is super interactive. Not only does it play 4 Solitude and 2 Fury which can be played for 0 mana or reset with Ephemerate but also a ton of interactive spells. Prismatic Ending and Lightning Bolt provides cheap and efficient removal. Eternal Witness acts as a Snapcaster Mage of sort which lets us recast them. 

Oh and yes, this deck also plays the best UR card in Modern – Expressive Iteration. You can cast some cheap spells off of it such as Abundant Growth. 

The last piece of the puzzle is Time Warp. This deck has an infinite turns loop inside. Do you remember the Ephemerate Witness lock? Now, let’s assume the second spell you’re returning with Witness is Time Warp. This way you’ve got an endless stream of turns to finish off your opponent. You just need Time Warp, Eternal Witness, and Ephemerate.