Are you going to play in the Mythic Championship Barcelona? This is your opportunity to test with the Pros!

The first Spikes Camp will be hosted in Barcelona Spain on July 25th (the day before the Mythic Championship Barcelona) at “El Nucli” the best MTG store in Barcelona. The Spikes Camp is divided in two modules Draft and, Modern, during the day you will have the opportunity to interact, learn and, play with the Player of the Year and Pro Tour Champion Luis Salvatto and, GP Champ and, PT Top8 Christian Calcano.



Location: El Nucli. Barcelona, Spain.

Date: July 25th

Instructors: Luis Salvatto and, Christian Calcano

Formats: MH1 Booster Draft and, Modern.

Duration: 9am to 4pm.

Price: $200.00 USD (includes 3 MH1 Boosters and, sleeves).

Save your spot at [email protected]


MH1 Booster Draft: 9am to 12md.

  • Seminar (Understanding Draft Archetypes, Pick Orders, Draft Strategy, Key Interactions)
  • Q&A
  • Practice Draft.

Lunch break: 12md to 1pm

Modern: 1pm to 4pm

  • Metagame Predictions
  • Q&A
  • Testing.

Luis Salvatto. The Player of the Year.

Luis Salvatto is the reigning Player of the Year and MPL Star. In 2018, he became the first player from Argentina to win a Pro Tour by winning PT Rivals of Ixalan, piloting Lantern Control in Modern. He also finished in the top eight of PT Shadows over Innistrad in 2016 and, has seven Grand Prix top eights including a win at GP Rotterdam 2016 and, GP Santiago 2018.

SAVE YOUR SPOT AT [email protected]


Christian Calcano, the People’s Champ.

Christian Calcano is an American professional Magic player and, one of the best Limited players in the world. His top finishes are Pro Tour Amonkhet Top8, three Pro Tour top 16. Two Grand Prix Wins, at GP Minneapolis 2012 and GP Atlantic City 2015 and, nine Top 8 finishes.

The Spikes Camp will be dictated in English but, both of our instructors can also communicate in Spanish*.

*El Spikes Camp será dictado en Inglés sin embargo tanto Luis Salvatto, como Christian Calcano pueden comunicarse en Castellano!